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Let's spread the Stardust with some music inspired collage art!

Updated: Jun 4

Music inspired collage art

Music Connects

Do you love music?

I do, I have always had a strong connection to music and the way it makes you feel, from the way that a song can evoke a memory and take you way back to a special time or remind you of a loved one, to a connection with a memorable event or occasion like a wedding or a first date perhaps. It's amazing!

I can remember getting my first vinyl record, I must have been about 9 or 10years of age and my Grandma bought me an LP, its was Glam Rock compilation featuring T-Rex, Slade and Sweet and on the back of the cover it said "With love from Grandma" . I still have that LP today, its one of my most treasured possessions. I can remember playing Metal Guru over and over, it was my absolute favourite. Mum and Dad had bought me an old second hand Dansette record player for Christmas and I thought it was the bees knees! The way that the record crackled as the needle hit the vinyl, the smell and the sound of vinyl and the excitement of knowing that I could retreat to my room and escape in the fab music, music was my safe, happy place, I realise now that this was the beginning of my relationship with music.

Through the decades , and many, many vinyl records, tapes, and CD,s later I still get that buzz from a new record release and its that connection that has helped to form my artistic voice today.

I created Stardust Acrylic Art nearly 3 years ago now, music is most certainly my inspiration as I interpret the songs and lyrics that I hear using mixed media collage and acrylic paint, it may be the way the song makes me feel or how I connect to the lyrics and I do this by using intuition and lots of lovely colours and marks alongside the collage, colour is so important to me in my work.

So please check out my work and connect with me...maybe one of your favourite songs is there?

Thank you... until next time,

Christine x

music inspired mixed media collage artist


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