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Lets reflect on 2023 blog post

Updated: May 29

Can you believe how fast this year has sped by?

As we hurtle towards 2024 i thought that i would take this moment to reflect on 2023 and consider the highs, the lows, the motivation, the lessons learned and the inspiration that makes Stardust Acrylic Art what it is and makes me the person that i am.

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Let's reflect on 2023 blog post

So lets start with 3 words that I believe, for me, describe this year...

The first would be DISCOVERY, as after several months of searching , 2023 was the year that I finally found my artist voice! Music has always played a huge part in my life and it seemed only right that it should appear in my art process. I had taken part in a fantastic course hosted by United Artspace where workshops, activities, group chats and investigations helped to pull out my passions and connections and then the realisation hit me, my work revolved around music, the marks that I made as I painted represented the flow of the music while the colours reflected the mood of the song and the images the lyrics...I had finally found my voice.

Word number 2 for me is INTREPIDITY. It's been a rollercoaster ride of courage, fearless decisions, bold moves and confidence. 2023 was the year that I left my job of 23+ years to persue my art dream, I have build my very own website which I never in a million years did I think I could possibly do and I have had the courage to participate in a group exhibition in The Everyman in Liverpool . i've had my artwork 'Sound and Vision' enlarged onto a board and displayed in Preston Town Centre and have had 2 artist interviews published. These events allowed me to evolve and grow as an artist.

And finally word 3 would be BELIEF as to become the person that I am now, to be brave enough to call myself an artist and to make so many valuable connections through determination has all been down to the fact that i believe that I can do this!

A vinyl record spinning on a record player, music inspiration for my work

Of course, its not easy building up something from nothing as you can imagine, i've hit many roadblocks along the way. There's getting the name Stardust Acrylic Art out there into the big wide world, the dreaded SEO as I continually focus on optimising my reach and visibility to no avail and the beating myself up about little old me being able to actually do this!

At these moments practising Mindfulness and Meditating has been my saving grace, it really helps to bring awareness of thoughts and feelings to one calm space, to breathe and to re-focus, I honestly find that it helps to keep me accountable. Give it a go!

Inspiration is all around us all of the time, its in an image, its in a song, its outdoors on a rainy walk or in the clouds on a spring morning, inspiration really is individual to us and stems from the soul , we are all different and thats where the magic is. I absolutely love creating art and bringing those thoughts to reality in the form of visual art. In 2023 I have created 3 different collections of work, my original Mounted Lyrical Collection, my Lyrical on Canvas Collection and my Woodland Rocks Collection and with another special project in the pipeline I can already feel that next year is going to be a good one so watch this space everyone!

I hope that you've enjoyed my little insight into this past year from a Stardust Acrylic Art point of view, i really do enjoy sharing my art journey with you all .

Remember, if you would like to support me please head over to my website and take a look, if you could share some of my posts on Instagram and Facebook that would be amazing and if you have purchased any of my artworks or other craft items from me a Google review would be very much appreciated.

A mug saying Stardust Coffee

Thanks everyone for your support this year, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and i'll see you back here in 2024 for more sprinklings of Stardust!

Have a good one!

Love Christine x


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