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Mind Map and Vision Board Inspiration. Download your Brain with a Mind map!

Updated: Jun 4

How to get a clear picture of what you really want to achieve in a fun and productive way through Vision Boards and Mind maps.

Quote saying Everything you want is on the other side of fear quote
Mind mapping quote from Pinterest

Mind Map and vision board inspiration. Download your Brain with a Mind map.

Vision Boards and mind maps are a wonderful way to represent your hopes and dreams, they can be simple with just a few key words and images to inspire you and keep you on track or they can be loud, powerful and busy as you download your thoughts and your goals onto paper and put your plan into place.

Think about how you want to create the life that you yearn for and then provide motivating, uplifting words and images to train your brain to help you succeed.

Let's think about how we can do this...

Mind map and vision board inspiration -

Tip #1 - Think way back, what is your earliest childhood memory?

It may be a place, a person, a pet, a favourite song or event, the list is endless and very personal to you, yet training your subconscious mind with these visuals creates positivity and ultimately helps you aim for success. We really want to dig deep into your mind to get those creative juices flowing.

Start with a mind map, you literally just need pen and paper!

Think of a central theme or goal that you want to achieve and place this in the centre of your mind map, everything will radiate from this central theme. Put down these memories in bullet point form on your mind map and begin your journey.

Tip #2 - Dig deep and make it personal to you.

Build up your mind map with things that immediately pop into your head, you may not think that they seem important right now but they have popped into your head for a reason, they are things to focus on and will create links as you dig deeper. You will find that you have many branches coming off the central focus word or words as you look for connections and recollections.

"It was a picture outside my head of what was inside my head." – Tony Buzan - Psychologist and founder of mind mapping.

Tip #3 - Be confident and attract your goals.

As an artist I often mind map , it helps to keep me grounded and on task when i'm feeling a little lost or unsure, the new focus brings me back to the present moment. I tend to use a central keyword such as 'art' or 'personal goals' and then go from there and see where it takes me. My mind maps are always basic and not elaborate at all, i use pens and pencils on paper with felt pen colours for highlighting specific areas or grouping ideas, it really is that simple! Or, you could go all out and make it all singing and dancing with photographs, glitter and printed sections, its entirely your own choice and depends upon you yourself.

Tip #4 - Create a Vision Board

In a nutshell, a vision board is a larger scale board, bigger than your mind map, with pictures depicting what you want to achieve. Surrounding yourself with these images and seeing them daily will help you to achieve those desires.

You are giving your brain free reign to flow and dream so go for it!

Examples : Images from Pinterest

Tip #5 - 7 steps to create a Mind Map by Tony Buzan

Step 1: Brainstorm a central idea...

Step 2: Come up with an impressive Image...

Step 3: Colour your map...

Step 4: Create connections...

Step 5: Make your branches curved...

Step 6: Use single key words...

Step 7: Replace words with pictures.

Time to Mind map!

So that's it! Are you ready to de-clutter your brain?

Have fun with your mind mapping and vision boards everyone and take that first step to recall information, explore your connections and boost creativity.

Good Luck!

If you've liked this blog and found it useful I would love to know how you got on so please drop me a message... have a great day!

Finally, here's an inspiring flower to brighten up your day...

A close up image of a pink flower
Have a great day!

Christine x

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