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Club Tropicana-


Music inspired canvas triptych artwork.

An original hand painted triptych piece of mixed media collage on a set of 3 canvases. Each canvas is a different size.


This artwork is unframed.



Canvas1- Height- 25cm, Width- 35cm, Depth 3.5cm

Canvas2- Height- 20cm, Width- 30cm, Depth- 3.5cm

Canvas3- Height -15cm, Width- 25cm, Depth- 3.5cm


Club Tropicana is a fun piece of art consisting of 3 seperate canvases each with its own fun statement told in abstract collage. 

The vibrancy of the piece screams Summer, full of happiness and joy while the abstract images create a quirky , carefree vibe. From the pink dancing man providing free drinks to the heat of the red chillies, this triptych would certainly make a great talking point on any wall.

A magical wonderland!



Music inspired canvas triptych artwork, Club Tropicana -Wham

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