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Acrylic art

How it all began

Music is amazing!
I guess for me it all stems right back to my early teenage years, listening to music and the crackles of the vinyl records on my old Dansette record player, the sound and the smell of the vinyl and the colourful, unique designs on the record sleeves.  I can still remember the excitement of a new release and that first play of it in the solitude of my room, just me and my own perception of the lyrics and sounds that filled my ears, it's a feeling that has stayed with me forever.
Music is so inspirational, a song can take you right back to a happy place or trigger a wonderful memory, it can remind you of a special person or can simply just be there for you when you need some alone time. Whatever the reason, it's so precious and individual to each and every one of us, so I thought, why not use my passion for music and immortalise songs in the form of visual art? 

So, with paint and collage I began to transfer the feelings of the music and the images that the lyrics portrayed in my head, it was so liberating to see my vision immortalised on canvas with the knowledge that others could benefit from it... after 2 or 3 artworks I was well and truly  hooked! 
I have had many influences throughout my life, David Bowie, Marc Almond, Debbie Harry to name but a few and I believe that these artists and many others have helped mould me into the person that I am today, through their individuality and their music.

Please join me on my artistic voyage through the decades and let's combine the music in our ears  with the colours, patterns and shapes of our subconscious mind.

Christine Bintcliffe

Music is my Muse'


This is a photograph of myself, the face behind my music inspired mixed media art business Stardust Acrylic Art.

"I have received a few pieces of artwork from Stardust Acrylic Art and each piece is beautiful and well made. Christine is very professional, is reasonably priced and all pieces have been completed in good time. I would definitely recommend this small business to anyone...simply fantastic!" - Myanna U.

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