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London Boys - 



Music inspired original artwork, mixed media, watercolour and collage, mounted, unframed.


London Boys was also inspired by a trip to London that I took this year. As we wandered up and doewn Carnaby Street I imagined the hustle and bustle of the 60's and 70's, the smell of insence, the music on vinyl being played from shop doorways on old record players and the colourful outfits that would adorn the streets.

This feeling then connected me with the song London Boys by T-REX , and as I played the song I was transported back in time to this place of rebellious, free spirited culture that defined the time.


Size; 42cm x 29.5cm - size of artwork

          40cm x 50cm - artwork mounted

The artwork will fit a 40cm x 50cm size frame.


This artwork will arrive flat with a backboard and cellophane wrap.


Music inspired artwork, original, mounted, Marc Bolan, T-Rex

VAT Included |
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