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A Forest



Original, hand painted, music inspired collage artwork mounted, unframed.


This acrylic and mixed media collage piece depicts a desperation to find love, a crossing of the same barriers over and over causing neverending dismay. Are we searching too hard perhaps? Will romance ever blossom? 

Yet there is light in the trees, a flicker of hope, a chance to find love and our 'one' in this topsy turvey upside down world we live in. Another dimension awaits us as we search for joy and love in a parrallel universe, an alternative world that we ourselves can create. 

In the painting pebbles of courtship depict a bond of affection while a gentle flower unfurls to symbolise love and happiness. 


Size : 42cm x30cm without mount,  50cm x 40cm including mount.

Medium : Acrylic paint and mixed media collage on 360gsm acrylic paper.


*In the images section I have shown a mock up of what the painting would look like once     it is framed.

This artwork would fit a frame size 40cm x 50cm.


The artwork will arrive flat with a backing board and cellophane wrap.

Music inspired artwork, original, mounted, A Forest-The Cure

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