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This original music inspired canvas triptych artwork consists of a set of 3 stretched canvases created by mixed media.


*Please note- This artwork is unframed.

( Image shows a mock up of what it may look like if you were to frame it on the wall.)


Dimensions of each canvas:

Height: 25cm

Width: 15cm

Depth: 3.5cm


Royals is a Battle for Monarchy.


This triptych features a Rock 'n' Roll confrontation between two of my favourite music icons, Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury, both are represented by the King and Queen chess pieces as they battle it out on the chessboard. A touch of humour is added on canvas one as you can see the lion, the King of the jungle, is seen silencing Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll!  Other classic images and text adorn the other canvases as the chess game progresses...who will call Checkmate?

A fun piece for music lovers.

Music inspired canvas triptych artwork, Royals - Lorde

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